Letter from Johhny Morris the “Owner of Bass Pro Shops”

This is Michael Reef Systems Inc. Aquarist at Bass Pro Shops store # 51.  About two months ago I arranged for a young man 14 years old to spend his Birthday at Bass Pro Shops.  I talked to Bob the manager at the store and he set up a great birthday for him.  Dave and Aubrey the Asst. Managers showed the two boys and Solomon’s dad around the store and they help me do the 12:00 feeding of the main tank. Then the store surprised him with a full paid lunch for his dad and him and a friend and me it was amazing. So Solomon and I wrote a thank you note to Johnny Morris that owner of all 61 stores. Then yesterday I received a box in the mail with a signed hat for Solomon and thank you card for me so cool.

boys at Bass      Hat 2