Reef Systems began in 1984 by principals who are educated in and enjoy the business of aquatic animal life. From the beginning, the principals have been dedicated to a personal, hands-on approach. While the company has grown to employ a team of designers, fabricators, installers and service technicians, that commitment to personal care is still the cornerstone of the Reef System philosophy. Our reputation for integrity on the business level as well as the in the responsible care of aquatic life is held in high regard.  Reef System’s specialty is the full-service creation of acrylic aquariums. From design, to construction, to maintenance, our team covers every aspect. We also provide for consultation of disease diagnosis and animal husbandry. With our experience and the testimonial of repeat clients throughout the United States, you can be assured of our company stability, quality and warranty of a Reef Systems aquarium system.

Our Experience – With longevity in the industry comes lasting industry relationships and experience that spans every facet. The principals have a practical understanding of zoology, aqua-culture, veterinary science, and animal husbandry as well as the business side including retail, veterinary care, supplies, construction and installation. Reef Systems has maintained long relationships with the right suppliers of equal experience that offer the finest quality at the best cost — a value passed along to our clients in terms of assurance and price. And, the Reef Systems team is always up to date on the latest techniques for care of animals in a closed aquatic system.
“We’ve seen the industry evolve since the mid-70’s and have been a part of the advancement. Our relationships with suppliers and fellow experts as well as our own personal experience are an immeasurable value to our clients,” says Richard Barboza, partner in Reef Systems. “We entered this business because it’s what we enjoy, and that enjoyment has only grown.”

Our Clients -Reef Systems has had the privilege of working with some of the finest establishments creating showcase pieces in restaurants, theme parks, offices, and custom homes. We also create showcases for temporary settings such as trade shows or special events. Whether the aquarium is built-in, free-standing, or temporary, Reef Systems will provide a turn-key system for the immediate enjoyment of the viewer and the animals within.